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Today we begin a NEW catagory of World War II Stories -- In Their Own Words. The pages that follow are dedicated to our neighbors to the north...the Canadians. We recently came into contact with a gentleman by the name of Stanley Scilowski who served with the Canadian forces during World War II. Stan served with the Perth Regiment of Canada, 11th Infantry Brigade of the 5th Canadian Armoured Division.

Stan served mainly during the Mediterrian Campaign and received the Canadian Voluntary Service medal; the Defence of Britain medal; the 1939/45 Star for 6 months or over in a war theater; the Italy Star for service in that campaign; the Victory medal.

He indicated that the Canadians once looked and scoffed at the "Yanks" for their proliferation of medal handouts. Now he has come to the conclusion that might have been so, but his people (Canada) were too damed stingy with similar citations.

Stan has kindly arranged for us to display exerpts from his published works entitled: Not All of Us Were Brave published in October 1997 by Dundurn Press. His book contains 400 pages, and contains some 20 illustrations.

The pages that follow in the category of "Canadian Army Heroes" are dedicated to the men and women served with distinction in the forces of the Canadian (Military) Army.

They served in many theaters of the war including North Africa, the Italian Peninsula, D-Day and the massive invasion of Normandy. Many served thought the arduous campaigns of France and continuing on into Germany.

Though less heralded, there were many who served throughout the war at home and were just as determined and dedicated in their efforts. Many of these helped train the men who went off to fight and others served less glamorous rolls in guarding vital military installations back home.

These men and women were common citizen soldiers who were placed into heroic situations and performed their duties -- not for glory or rewards; but, because the job had to be done.

They did their part. These citizen soldiers came from every walk of life in this vast country, putting on their uniform and marching off to an uncertain future. When the war finally ended, most returned to family and home...many did not. They all served -- with pride!

Not all came home boasting a chest full of medals -- nor all did heroic deeds on the great battlefields of the world. But each one was a heroin his own right all the same; enduring and dedicating himself to the task at hand. Thus, another small piece of the vast picture we called the "great war" was fulfilled. Another soldier had done his duty and could come home to his just rewards holding his head high in pride.

This series of pages will be a sounding board, have you, for collecting and dissiminating stories from folks such as Stanley Scislowski and others from our neighbor to the north: Canada. It is our hope that by placing these stories by Stan on our website, that others will follow in offering to share their experiences during World War II. With luck and time this section will contain many stories thus far untold.

Thank You, Stan for getting in touch with us at World War II Stories -- In Their Own Words and for your generous effort to share with us -- your collective memories of World War II.

Heroes: the Canadian Army


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Robert Rogge
90th Infantry Division
Exerpt of book: Fearsome Battle

image of NEWStory added on 23 November 2004.

This exerpt is from the book, entitled, Fearsome Battle, written by Robert Rogge, an American serving in the Canadian 3rd Infantry Division during the war. The book is written in the third person and is riviting!

"...The Panther crept forward, engine roaring, invulnerable, crushing stone and timber in its way. Gray and brown and green, dented and scarred and horrifyingly majestic, the tank lumbered down the street, a wall of doom, bullets pouring from it..."


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Bill Greaves:
Pvt., "D" Company -
Essex Scottish Regiment

of Windsor Ontario
Story Added on 16 February 2002


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Meet Stan Scislowski:
Perth Regiment of Canada,
11th Infantry Brigade
of the 5th Canadian Armoured Division

"A Church Service at the Front"

Story Added on 16 February 2002

"Maggots in the Soup"

Story Added on 18 February 2002

"McLagan Barracks"

Story Added on 18 February 2002

"Camp Ipperwash"

Story Added on 18 February 2002

"Camp Ipperwash Pt 2"

Story Added on 18 February 2002

"the Assault Course"

Story Added on 18 February 2002

"the Andes"
Story Added on 1 April 2002

"We Arrive Overseas"
Story Added on 23 February 2002

"When Not on Parade or Training"
Story Added on 23 February 2002

"the Perth Regiment"

Story Added on 24 February 2002

"With the Perth's in the Field"

Story Added on 25 February 2002



"Exercise Snaffle"
Story Added on 25 February 2002

"Dog Company Resurrected"

Story Added on 12 March 2002

"Operation Harlequin"

Story Added on 29 April 2002

"The Episode of the Swan"
Story Added on 5 May 2002

"One Night at Fusso Munio"
Story Added on 9 May 2002

"An Incident in the Bari Opera House"
Story Added on 22 June 2002

"The Sinking of the Lancastria"
Story Added on 22 June 2002

"Operation Timberwolf"
Story Added on 24 June 2002

"Liberator of Marketable Goods"
Story Added on 23 June 2002

"An Unforgettable Christmas"
Story Added on 12 August 2002

"Memories of a Long Ago War"
Story Added on 19 September 2002

"In England"
Story Added on 22 October 2002

"Spearhead in the Gothic Line"
Story Added on 23 October 2002

"Remembrance Day"
Story Added on 18 November 2002

Story Added on 17 January 2003

"A Christmas Star"
Story Added on 19 December 2003

"The Fosso Munio Affair"
Story Added on 19 December 2003

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